Dive into the rich knowledge of Tibetan Medicine as we explore the intricate dynamics of the three Fundamental Energies -རླུང། Loong, མཁྲིས་པ། Tri-pa, and བད་ཀན། Bae-kan.

Understand the subtle characteristics of each energy and their unique roles in sustaining life.

Explore the dynamic interplay between these energies, learning how their delicate balance is the cornerstone of holistic well-being.

Gain practical insights and actionable steps to harmonise these energies in your daily life, fostering a sense of equilibrium and vitality

Date: Saturday 8th June

Time: 10am-12.30pm

Location: 116 Bathurst Rd, Katoomba.

This teaching is suitable for everyone.

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Pema Gyaltsen is a Tibetan Doctor with a rich cultural background and a deep passion for Tibetan medicine. He completed his formal education at Men-Tsee-Khang, an esteemed institution known for preserving and promoting the ancient wisdom of Tibetan medicine. With over 15 years of dedicated study and practical experience as a Tibetan medicine practitioner and teacher, he is guided by the principles of balance, harmony, and individualised care. Pema’s goal is to offer holistic healing and promote wellness by preserving the ancient knowledge of Tibetan medicine and serving humanity with unwavering dedication and compassion.