Join us for an enlightening talk delving into the profound connection between Tibetan medicine and Buddhism. In this session, we will explore the historical origins, philosophical foundations, and practical applications of Tibetan medicine within the context of Tibetan Buddhism.

Discover how Tibetan medicine has evolved alongside Buddhism, drawing upon ancient wisdom and spiritual insights. Gain insight into the principles that underpin both disciplines, including the holistic view of health and well-being, the role of compassion and mindfulness, and the understanding of the interdependence of mind, body, and environment.

Through engaging discussion and illustrative examples, participants will deepen their understanding of how Buddhist philosophy informs the theory and practice of Tibetan medicine. Moreover, we will examine the ethical framework that guides practitioners, emphasizing compassion, non-harm, and the alleviation of suffering.

Whether you are interested in holistic health practices, Buddhist philosophy, or the cultural heritage of Tibet, this talk offers a unique opportunity to explore the rich tapestry of wisdom woven between Tibetan medicine and Buddhism. Join us as we embark on a journey of discovery and understanding of these intertwined paths towards well-being and spiritual growth.

Date: Saturday 20th April

Time: 10am-12.30pm

Location: 116 Bathurst Rd, Katoomba.

This teaching is suitable for everyone. Please see below to book.

Pema Gyaltsen is a Tibetan Doctor with a rich cultural background and a deep passion for Tibetan medicine. He completed his formal education at Men-Tsee-Khang, an esteemed institution known for preserving and promoting the ancient wisdom of Tibetan medicine. With over 15 years of dedicated study and practical experience as a Tibetan medicine practitioner and teacher, he is guided by the principles of balance, harmony, and individualised care. Pema’s goal is to offer holistic healing and promote wellness by preserving the ancient knowledge of Tibetan medicine and serving humanity with unwavering dedication and compassion.