On the last day of Geshe Zopa’s wonderful teachings in June, he explained the benefits of Vajrasattva practice. Following this teaching we have commenced a monthly Vajrasattva Practice at the Centre.

The Vajrasattva practice is done to purify negative karma created in this life and countless past lives. The practice is best suited to those who have some experience of Buddhism.

Kate Wansey, a longstanding student at Kunsang Yeshe, has kindly agreed to lead the practice session.

Please bring a plate of vegetarian food so we can enjoy a community lunch together after the practice.

Dates: 15th October Time: 10am-12 noon

November dates TBA


Please join us for our special monthly practice of Medicine Buddha Healing Meditation. This lovely practice helps to soothe body and mind, supporting healing in all its forms.

Those attending are welcome to bring a piece of fruit or a flower for the altar. At the session, you can put forward the names of friends, relatives and/or animals who are ill or who have passed away, so they can be included in the dedications.

The session is facilitated by Gloria Searle, a longstanding Kunsang Yeshe student.

Dates: Friday 27th October: 12.15pm-1.00pm

Friday 24th November: 12.15pm-1.00pm

No booking is required and the cost is $10


Discover the actual reasons why we are unhappy. It’s NOT because of our partner, our boss, our parents or the Government! According to Buddhist teachings, the real cause is the three poisons in our own minds – attachment, anger and ignorance. Each class in this series will show us how to recognise these inner enemies and what we can do about them in order to have a happy, peaceful life. 


Friday 6 October 10.30am – 12.30pm

This session will explore the impact of ignorance on our lives and how to reduce its negative effect so as to make our lives happier. 


Friday 10 November 10.30 – 12.30pm Attachment

This session will explore the impact of attachment on our lives and how to reduce its negative effect so as to make our lives happier. 


Friday 8 December 10.30 – 12.30pm Anger

This session will explore the impact of anger on our lives and how to reduce its negative effect so as to make our lives happier. 


We warmly welcome Wai Cheong back to teaching at Kunsang Yeshe after his mid-year break. Over the next three months, Wai Cheong will give teachings on the fundamentals of Buddhism by examining happiness, negative emotions and emotions.

Changing our Negative Thinking

Sunday 20 October (10am to 3pm) – AM, PM and whole-day options available.

Thinking is a marvelous ability of our human mind. However, when we develop unhelpful habits that keep us trapped in repetitive stressful thinking, it can be detrimental to our physical and mental health. In this workshop we will dive into the Buddha’s advice on how to relate to our different thinking habits and the various strategies we can apply to transform them into our allies.

Working with our Emotions

Sunday 26 November (10am-3pm) – AM, PM and whole day options available.

Our emotions are our responses to the many changes and challenges in our life. Some of our emotional habits are helpful and wholesome, while others can become unhelpful and destructive. The Buddha’s teachings contain many instructions on how to become mindful of our emotional habits, strengthen the wholesome habits, and transform those that are harmful so that we can accomplish the goals of freedom from suffering and finding genuine happiness.

NOTE: For both events the morning workshop will include explanations with time for Q&A and discussion, along with guided reflections to connect with our personal experiences. 

The afternoon meditation session will introduce meditative techniques to develop mindfulness of thoughts and ways to change our relationship to thinking.


Join us at our centre for our Drop-in Meditation classes where you will explore meditation techniques such as mindfulness, spacious mind, loving-kindness, self-compassion and other techniques to cultivate a stable and peaceful mind. All are welcome – no previous experience of meditation is required.

Tuesdays   12.15 pm – 1pm
Thursdays 12.15 pm – 1pm

Cost $10 donation. No booking needed.