Saka Dawa (Day 15 of Month 4) – Guru Puja

There are four great holy days in the Tibetan Buddhist Calendar (Fifteen Days of Miracles, Saka Dawa, Chokhor Duchen and Lhabab Duchen) each of which celebrates an anniversary of Shakyamuni […]

Approaching Death & Dying without Fear

Death is a subject most people do not want to discuss. Learning about death and dying gives us an opportunity to gain insights into what is really important and develop […]

Sponsors Page

Kunsang Yeshe Retreat Centre would like to express our gratitude for the generosity of the following businesses in supporting our ongoing activities. Your partnership has been an incredible benefit to […]

Teachings with Venerable Chodron 2024

Venerable Chodron emphasizes the practical application of the Buddha’s teachings in our daily lives and is especially skilled at explaining them in ways easily understood and practiced by Westerners. She is […]

Teachings with Venerable Robina Courtin 2024

Each month, with skill and her characteristic humor, Venerable Robina Courtin will unpack and discuss a key topic relating to how to apply practical Buddhism in our daily life. We will […]

The Heart Sutra

‘If we are able to read or hear [the Heart Sutra] just one time, the positive imprint left by this definitely causes us in the near future to understand much […]


About our Audio-visual Resources The following files are held on the Internet Archive. If you wish to download individual files rather than play them straight from the internet right-click  and Save. […]

The Seven Point Mind Training (Lojong)

The Seven Point Mind Training text of Geshe Chekawa has been a beloved and widely utilized lojong (thought transformation) text for hundred of years. It speaks to the human tendencies to blame […]